3.27 The Pit (1981)

It’s not easy being the world’s punching bag, especially when you’re 12. That is, unless you have the aid of a possessed (question mark) teddy bear to coax your unhinged thoughts into reality! Jamie is an incredibly unwell, disturbed, and perverted delinquent with an unhealthy obsession with the female form. When his 27th live-in babysitter, Sandy, begins her psychology thesis on him, his folks catch the last train for the coast while he descends deeper into his psychosis. Finally fed up with being bullied, deserted, and heartbroken, Jamie turns to his friends/pets for assistance—five…er four prehistoric ape men who’s hunger runs deeper than a king-sized chocolate bar. As the old saying goes, when life gives you Tra-la-logs, make your tormentors pay! We also discuss the battle of the century: Nick Cassavetes vs. John Hurt, which MDU child we would adopt, why people think Adam Sandler’s shtick is still funny, and the Halloween™ franchise timeline. Call an exorcist for those yellow-eyed talking teddies, grab that old porn mag Charlie Bounty Hunter gave you for Easter, and stock up on ground beef, because we’re getting slam dunked into The Pit!

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