3.5 The Boneyard

Retired homicide psychic, Alley Oates, is pulled away from her job as the MDU Wizards’ landlord to help solve a case surrounding a trio of dead children. Unfortunately, the little rugrats are hosts to ancient, man-eating, Chinese demons called Kyoshi™…and they’re hungry! Now, trapped in a mortuary with no escape, a group of strictly average people must come together to survive not only ravenous ghouls, but also Phyllis ‘Poopinplatz’ Diller and her beloved pooch, Floofsums. So, climb out of your trash heap, grab that Starship Troopers rifle out of the evidence room, and let Lionel know his mother is back, because we’re digging deep into The Boneyard!

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Logo Artwork by David De Forne.