3.28 Ernest Scared Stupid

Our 100th episode and Trick or Trash finale Spooktacular! Ernest P. Worrell just has to pick the one tree in the Dark Forest™ that’s imprisoning an evil troll to build a hangout for the neighborhood kids. Ignoring the advice of the town witch, Eartha Kitt, Ernest unintentionally awakens the dormant troll, Trantor, releasing it to once again wreak Halloween Havoc® on the sleepy Missouri suburb of Briarville. Trantor starts turning the town’s pre-teens into tiny wooden dolls to power his Boo Berry infested Tree of Might that will breed him an army of trolls. Not even our main kid characters Kenny, Elizabeth, or Joey are safe! Now, with a little help from his dog Rimshot, Ernest must follow in the footsteps of his ancestor and take down Trantor before midnight on Halloween! We’ve got special guest Pissi Myles from My Spooky Gay Family joining us and we’re talking all things Ernest. We’re also talking about which MDU characters we would fuse, our first experiences with Ernest, and potential Ernest sequels we wish existed. So stock up on chocolate milk and Hostess cupcakes, pick the perfect place to build your high ground fort, and crack that authentic Bulgarian Miak, because all this talk about trolls is gonna leave Ernest Scared Stupid, know what we mean?

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