3.25 Satan’s Little Helper

Trick or Trash is back and ready to fill up your treat bags, Dumpster Dwellers! Dougie Whooly is a 9-year-old boy with a woefully oblivious family and an unhealthy obsession with a violent video game. While wandering around town on All Hallow’s Eve, he comes across a real-life serial killer in a Satan costume (question mark), who is committing murders and staging them as lawn decorations. Dougie’s ignorance and skewed view on reality are manipulated by this Satan Man and he is suddenly swooped up in a night of bloodshed that the little helper mistakes as pretend. Can Dougie’s older sister Katheryn Winnick or his heavily medicated mother Amanda Plummer save him before it’s too late? Who exactly is the man behind the mask? Is it the Six Flags Guy? Terry O’Quinn? Granny Van Daam?! We’re breaking this Halloween delight down for you, plus we figure out who we’d send in to save the MDU from a super-sized CharnetKong! Slip into your costume, put on a Nick Cave album, and flip through those Winter Stepfather books because we’re about to be sent back to Hell by Satan’s Little Helper!

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Logo Artwork by Davey “The Scaredy Cat” De Forne.