3.24 The Wraith

In a canyon town somewhere in the Midwest, Packard Walsh rules the open road with a gang of degenerates and tweakers. The literal ghost of the gang’s past begins to terrorize them, taking the form of a black clad racer with a grudge. Has one of Packard’s victims returned for vengeance? Is it Emilio Estevez? Has Randy Quaid EVER been this boring?! Oh and Clint Howard’s back with a Ben 10™ device strapped to his wrist. Buckle your seat belts, because we’re hopping in John Hurt’s car and taking a trip through the speed force with special guest Arlen Harrow! Long before he was “winning”, talking about having tiger blood, or committing any of the other heinous human rights violations he’s known for, Charlie Sheen was simply known as The Wraith!

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