3.21 Body Melt

The grill is cooling off and we’re breaking out the peach cobbler and watermelon! As our GARB-BQ winds down, we’re headed back to Australia for some goopy ozploitation goodness! Let your body learn, let your body build, let your Body Melt? When “pharmaceutical” company Vimuville™ begins using the residents of Pebbles Court as lab rats for a new supplement, things start to get really gross. As the hapless civilians each take the dangerous drug through various means, their bodies begin to destroy themselves from the inside out. We’ve got blood, boogers and more totally unwanted bodily fluids in this stomach turning classic. We also muse about Gary Busey’s favorite food, who really is the best movie villain of all time, if Vimuville is indeed a shell company for Umbrella—SPOILERS: IT IS, and our very own Dobby “The MDU Doormat” gets #swole. Joining in on the madness today is special guest, Jenna Fryer! Squeeze into your jogging suit, shoot down that fizzy vitamin drink, and crank up the Deep Purple, because we’re about to work it out with Body Melt!

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