4.10 Son of Dracula (1974)

In 1970, one of the most famous musical groups to ever be assembled disbanded. In the wake of that break up, one of them decided to make a film about a rock ‘n’ roll vampire becoming king of the underworld. That man was Ringo Starr of The Beatles. Starring Harry Nilsson as Count Downe, the titular ‘Son of Dracula’, and Ringo himself as the great wizard Merlin, along with a motley cast of famous musicians, monsters, and madmen, this critical failure of a film was shelved indefinitely never again to see the light of day. That is, until Youtube! Pop in those plastic fangs and put your dancing shoes on because we are getting the band back together to take a bite out of ‘Son of Dracula’!

Joining us is special guest Newt Wallen from Hack the Movies!

Talks from the Darkside | 03 Pain Killer

03 Pain Killer:
Henpecked husband Harvey Turman (Lou Jacobi), who happens to suffer from excruciating back pain, visits his doctor (Farley Granger) for a cure. The doctor diagnoses that Harvey’s nagging wife Nadine (Peggy Cass) is the cause of his pain, and the only way that his backaches will cease is if he eliminates her.

Original Air Date: October 14, 1984

Talks from the Darkside | 02 I’ll Give You a Million

02 I’ll Give You a Million:
Millionaire Duncan Williams (Keenan Wynn) offers his longtime acquaintance Jack Blaine (George Petrie) $1,000,000 to buy his soul. When Jack ends up dying shortly after, Duncan races to claim his soul, but faces a troubling complication when another party is interested in it as well. Written by Mark Durand and David Spiel.

Original Air Date: October 7, 1984

Ripe Reviews | Spiral: From the Book of Saw

DO YOU WANT TO PLAY A GAME…AGAIN? The highly anticipated ‘Spiral: From the Book of Saw’ is here bringing Chris Rock, Samuel L. Jackson, and Darren Lynn Bousman together to breath life back into a franchise that should have happened 5 sequels ago. Remember, live or die, it’s your choice!

Ripe Reviews | Snapper: The Man-Eating Turtle Movie That Never Got Made with John Campopiano

We’re talking about the brand new documentary ‘SNAPPER: The Man-Eating Turtle Movie That Never Got Made’ and joining us is director John Campopiano! Could this have been one the best low-budget creature features to come out of the early 90s? We think so! Don’t do any of your own stunts and stay out of the lake because this is one flick you’ll definitely want to stick around to see get made!

4.9 Mother’s Day (1980)

Three college friends reunite for their annual trip to some undisclosed location, unfortunately things go south when they enter the Deep Barrens™ for a weekend of fishing and reminiscing—because it’s got a death curse! After being captured by Joey Ramone and Nicky Santoro, they are subjected to a hellish gamut of torture all at the command of GVD’s sister, Momma! You better believe that what momma wants, Momma gets! Will the Rat Pack survive and what will be left of them? Is Easy Cheese good for your liver as well as a combustible fuel? And just how does Momma’s clan get such good cable?! Grab yourself a bowl of Burger Bits, run through that serial killer obstacle course, and watch out for Queenie because we’re all gathering around the boob-tube for Mother’s Day!

Joining us is Josh Schafer from Lunchmeat VHS!

4.8 Street Fighter

Keep your regular podcasts! In fact this might be the time to listen to them. For we beheld this episode AS IT FELL FROM THE HEAVENS LIKE LIGHTNING! It’s the FINAL ROUND of our ‘Super Kombat Fighter: Double Dumpster Edition Turbo’ and we’re colliding in sudden death! What happens when you mix a sleepy Jean Claude Van Damme with a volcanic Raul Julia? Quality cinema! Evil dictator General M. Bison ransoms the world for $20 billion and it’s up to Colonel William Guile to save the day. With the help of Chun-Li, Ryu and Ken, and the misfortunes of Wes Studi’s criminal organization, the entire Fighters of Street roster clash to topple Bisonopolis in an epic and outlandish battle that would make Cobra Commander blush. Who will succeed? Is that Blanka or Lou Ferigno? Was it really Tuesday? Should the food court be larger? Dump your next paycheck into BisonCoin and hop in the Dragon MK1 to head upriver because we’re about to Tatsumaki Senpukyaku into ‘Street Fighter!’

Book to the Movie | The Lawnmower Man

We’re back from the movie to give you the book…to the movie! C.B. Smith from Taking a Page joins us again as we discuss the film ‘The Lawnmower Man’, covered in the premiere episode of our second season, and how it literally has nothing to do with the novella of the same name written by Stephen King. Strap into your gyroscopic virtual reality machine as we spin and twist through this monumental departure from the source material! Cyboman, save us!