2.32 Prancer

Merry Christmas? Trashing Through the Snow returns with a joyless, depressing alternate timeline where the holidays are filled with blue collar suffering and sad, sunken-eyed adults. Join us as we follow little Jessica Riggs, who attempts to nurse an injured reindeer back to health because she’s convinced it’s one of Santa’s eight loyal reindeer. Is the reindeer really magical? Does this movie ever convey the spirit of Christmas? Do reindeer really sound like a screaming, pitch-shifted Sam Worthington? Will Charnetski the Brown ever leave Granny Van Daam’s sex dungeon? Feed a reindeer five pounds of Christmas cookies, write an incriminating letter to Santa, and pray to God your orchard turns around, because we’re about to fall headfirst out of a tree onto Prancer!

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Logo Artwork by Davey “The Scaredy Cat” De Forne.