2.16 Prehysteria! 3

Raisin-loving Pygmy dinosaurs fall off the back of a truck and find themselves on a rundown miniature golf course owned by Fred Willard. Scotland enthusiast Ella and her family live on the mini-putt, but their livelihood is threatened by Ella’s evil Uncle Hal and his henchman, the Reverse-Flash Eobard Thawne. Now, the only thing standing between the McGregors and total destruction is 18 holes. Slip into your favorite kilt, pull that magic putter from the stone, and slop some haggis onto a bun, because we’re chowing down on some Dino Burgers by the grassy knoll back and to the left of Prehysteria! 3.

Special Thanks to O-Street Mini Golf Association and Lucky Duck Entertainment.

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Logo Artwork by David De Forne